• Exchange to Office 365 Migration
  • Office 365 to another Office 365 Migration
  • Easy to Migrate all email items – Emails, Contacts, Tasks, Calendars, Public Folders
  • Rollback feature if needed
  • Pre-migration Analysis
  • Support All MS Exchange Server Version
  • Use Free Trial Version Now

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Exchange to Office 365 Migration

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Exchange Server to Office 365 Migration

Exchange Server Mailbox to Outlook 365 migration is not a simple task and very little mistake can hard your migration process. To elimated this suitation our technical team develop a Exchange server to Office 365 software. This software efficiently migrate your Exchange Mailbox to Office 365 platform as well as Office 365 to Office 365 platform. This tool support all the version of MS Exchange Server and Offic 365. There is no rectriction of version to migrate mailbox, everything is in control and managable with the software.


Exchange to Office 365 Migration Software :- Features

  • Allow Pre Analysis before Migration:- This tool helps you to analyse the process and requirement. Like, how much of time it will take to complete migration process, this things depend on your network speed and how many of system used in your network.

  • Migrate Exchange to Office 365:- With the help of this tool User can easily migrate Exchange Mailbox to Office 365 platform on premises. This tool support all the exchange Server (Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016) migrate to Office 365 platform without any data loss.

  • Office 365 to Office 365 Tenant Migration :- Exchange to Office 365 Migration Software is embedded with strong algorithm and have ability to migrate Office 365 to Office 365 tenant migration. It takes a very short time to migrate Office 365 to Office 365 Migration.

  • Real-time Migration:- Exchange to Office 365 Migration Software offer a features to see a real time reports about migration. This tool gives alerts about everything like Job start time, job completion time, status, job success and failure etc. This tool allow user to see the report in a web-based console but it requires certain administrative permissions to view and start/stop the migration process etc.

  • UNDO All Migration:- This features make this utility a unique, If a user have done any mistake in migration process or user require some edition or deletion in process then he can use Rollback feature to undo all migration, without halting and restarting the entire migration process.

  • This software support all types of languages, So language is not a barrier for migration with the software. Even if every item you migrate is in a different language, this tool will migrate each of them, including all special characters.

  • Every migration process can be verified using the built-in reports. The administrator can review the overall progress of the migration.

  • This Exchange Server Migration Software supported all the version of Exchange Server.